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Review of North Wales Police's Performance in Relation to Enforcing the Ban on Fox Hunting with Hounds, and Policing Incidents Connected with Hunting.

What is the review about?

The 2004 Hunting Act introduced a ban on hunting foxes with hounds. This independent review examines how that legislation is being enforced in North Wales. It is not about whether the ban is a right or wrong. Specifically this independent review explores:

  1. What are the enforcement and prosecutorial challenges linked to the legal provisions in the Hunting Act 2004 that arise for the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service?
  2. What constitutes good practice in relation to policing the hunting ban? 
  3. How well do North Wales Police perform in relation to incidents associated with fox hunting that are brought to their attention?
  4. How well do North Wales Police comply with National Standards in relation to recording, responding, investigating and prosecuting incidents in connection with fox hunting?

The team undertaking the review will be

  • Conducting a survey to give as many people as possible the opportunity to contribute to the review
  • Reviewing case files on incidents linked to hunting held by North Wales Police
  • Interviewing key stakeholders

What is this survey about?

This survey is about people's experiences with North Wales Police.

If you have reported a crime or incident of anti-social behaviour linked to a hunt gathering there will be an opportuntiy for you to provide us with details of the incident. This is for us to consider including the incident as part of our case file review.

At the end of this survey there will be an opportunity for you to put your name forward to be interviewed. This is if you believe you have a valuable 'additional' contribution to make to the review. Individuals will be selected to contribute based on an assessment of the added value we think they might offer.

Who is this survey for?

Our sole interest is in North Wales Police's performance in relation to enforcing the ban on fox hunting with hounds and policing incidents connected with hunting. Accordingly this survey is for people who hunt; who are affected by hunting or are active in any sort of anti-hunting campaign in North Wales.

Who is conducting the study?

The review is being conducted by staff from 'Cyfiawnder: The Social Inclusion Research Institute' at Glyndwr University in Wrexham, North Wales. It is being undertaken on behalf of the Office of North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) Whilst the review has been commissioned by the OPCC, the team undertaking it are independent of the OPCC; of North Wales Police or any organisation involved in hunting or campaigning on the issue.

Do I have to take part?

No. It is your choice whether you take part. If you do not wish to take part please just close this window. If you do wish to take part, please continue reading and answer the questions that follow.

If you do decide to take part you are under no obligation to answer all of the questions. You can leave the survey at any point and answers will only be recorded once the ‘Submit’ button is clicked at the end.

Unfortunately once you have pressed ‘submit’ it will not be possible to withdraw from the study as we will not be able to identify and withdraw your contribution.

How long will it will take ?

The survey should take you no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete.

Will my taking part be kept confidential?

The answers you give to this survey will be confidential to the review team and there will be no way for us to know who you are.

However, if you give us details of a specific incident you have reported to North Wales Police (e.g reference number or day/date of the incident) and we include it in our case file review, we may then become aware of your personal details. The staff undertaking this review have been vetted by North Wales Police. They will only review case files to the extent it is necessary to form a view as to how well the incident was dealt with. We will not initiate contact with you or pass on your details.

If you put forward your name for interview, that information will be extracted from your survey response and kept in a seperate file. As a result the answers you provide to the survey cannot be linked to your personal details. 

What will happen to the results?

We will be writing them up as part of a report. We may use extracts from your response in the report but you will not be identified in any of the reports. We intend to keep the data we collect in case a follow- up study is done, but no one will know who you are.

What if there is a problem?

If you have a concern about any aspect of this study, you can speak with the Study Manager ( who will do their best to address your concerns. If you remain unhappy and wish to complain formally, please contact Frances Thomason , Head of Research Services, Glyndwr University, Plas Coch campus, Mold Road, Wrexham, LL11 2AW Tel: 01978290006  E-Mail

Please note  that your completion and submission of the survey will be taken as evidence of your consent to participate in the study.


1.1. Do you consent to take part in this survey

If you submit your answers you will not be able to return to this page.